Daily Radio in Albania

Nora and her husband live in Korca, Albania—a plateau surrounded by the Moravian mountains. 

In Korca, they manage a traditional goat farm. Herds of goats in Albania are a source of milk products, meat, and occasionally wool or skins. Nora and her husband work hard, long hours in the fields. 

She contacted the Words of Hope team in Albania recently to let us know that she and her husband have begun attending a local church. She says that they are very happy to follow Jesus. 

Both spouses were raised in Muslim families, and their neighbors in Korca are almost all Muslim as well. But despite limited support, Nora and her husband are now devoted Christians. 

“My husband was the first to believe in Jesus,” she says. “It took me a while to convert to Christianity. I’m happy that I have dedicated my life to Jesus. My life is being changed and transformed, because I have started to attend a church, and I also listen to the Christian radio every day.”

Especially in their relatively isolated farming work, radio is a welcome companion to fill silent times during their days. 

“I wake up by listening to the station, and I fall asleep by listening to the Word of God,” she explains. 

Two years ago, Nora received a small, pre-tuned radio that picks up the signal of Words of Hope’s partner radio station. “Ever since, the radio has become my best friend,” Nora smiles. “One of my favorite programs is the Words of Hope program. I have enjoyed these great teachings.” 

Nora says that it is hard to live surrounded by Muslims who do not care about Jesus. She appreciates the advice she hears on the programs so that she can be a witness to her friends and neighbors. 

“I want to thank you for this program, which keeps my mind in things that matter, and are so important for my faith. My life has been transformed. I’m happy that I can live in truth and in the light of Jesus. I’m happy to follow Jesus and live for him.”