Our God Is a Great God

Read: Mark 1:32-39

[Jesus] drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. (Matt. 8:16 NIV)

Feliciana is an Amatenango Tzeltal, who lives with her brother and family. She was haunted by voices telling her to run into the woods at night. Feliciana and her family understood these to be the voices of evil spirits. One day a neighbor told her that there was a powerful, loving God who could free her from the voices. “The evangelical church leaders will pray for you,” the neighbor said.

Some time later, Feliciana became very ill, unable to eat and afraid she might die. Again the voices lured her into the woods during a rainstorm. Her brother and others went to look for her. Hours later, they found her huddled in the forest, weak and cold. Not knowing what to do, her brother permitted her to go to the evangelicals to ask for prayer.

The Tzeltal missionary invited Feliciana to stay in his home. His wife took care of her, and they prayed for her day and night. The church elders often went to pray for her. Slowly the luring voices were stilled. As the Christians continued to pray for Feliciana, her health improved. She became strong and later returned to her brother’s home. God healed her, answering the many prayers to free her from the bonds of the evil one. —Helen Hofman

As you pray, trust Jesus, our Great Physician, to protect and heal you.

About the Author

Helen Hofman is a retired missionary. She and her husband Sam worked with the Tzeltal and Tojolabal Indians of Chiapas, Mexico for more than forty years. In their work, they helped set up a Bible School to train the Tzeltals, taught in the Bible School, prepared Sunday School materials, textbooks, hymnals and audiovisuals. They also coordinated the translation of the Amatenango Tzeltal New Testament and the revision of the highland Tzeltal Bible.