God Closed the Lions’ Mouths

Read: Daniel 6:13-22

My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. (v. 22).

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. (Ps. 56:3 NIV)

I grew up on a dairy farm and knew how dangerous a bull or a cow with a new calf could be. My dad had often warned us to beware of them.

When in Chiapas, Mexico, one day I needed some medicine from the clinic for one of our children. I had to walk through a cow pasture to reach the clinic. As I stood on our side of the fence, I watched the cattle grazing on and around the trail which led to the clinic half a mile away. I decided to wait for the cattle to move beyond the trail.

They slowly munched their way to my left. As I watched, I prayed: “God, help me to get to the clinic and back without any problem from the cows with calves or the big bull.”

As I stood there, these words came into my mind: “Helen, didn’t I close the mouths of the lions when Daniel was put in their den? I have made these cattle, too. Yes, I am able and will protect you.”

So I crawled through the fence, walked quietly to the clinic, and returned safely home with the medicine. —Helen Hofman

As you pray, thank God for reminders that he is always with you, and thank God for hearing our every prayer.

About the Author

Helen Hofman is a retired missionary. She and her husband Sam worked with the Tzeltal and Tojolabal Indians of Chiapas, Mexico for more than forty years. In their work, they helped set up a Bible School to train the Tzeltals, taught in the Bible School, prepared Sunday School materials, textbooks, hymnals and audiovisuals. They also coordinated the translation of the Amatenango Tzeltal New Testament and the revision of the highland Tzeltal Bible.