Read: Ruth 3:1-13

As the Lord lives, I will redeem you. (v. 13)

Ruth’s almost reckless desire to stay with Naomi had led her to a quite vulnerable situation. As widows, Ruth and Naomi were destitute and had to rely on the gleaning laws given by God to ensure that nobody went hungry. When landowners harvested their fields, they were not to strip them clean but leave enough for the poor. So Ruth went out to glean in the fields for their daily food. She had left the wilderness, but her life was no less precarious. She began gleaning in the field of a relative named Boaz, who took notice of her and ensured that she remained safe and received plenty.

When Ruth came home talking about Boaz, Naomi no doubt pondered his notable generosity toward them, especially since it was not required. By the end of the harvest, Naomi pointed out that Boaz was a near relative, potentially a kinsman redeemer to Ruth. In the course of things, Naomi crafted a bold plan. Ruth followed it, going incognito at night to Boaz at the threshing floor, where a spirit of celebration and plenty ran high. This move carried the potential for high reward but also high risk. Ruth once again found herself in a vulnerable situation. Yet Boaz, though surprised, seemed willing and even eager to take Ruth as his wife.

Sometimes, our deep desires bring us to vulnerable situations. However, this does not mean that our desires are necessarily wrong, or that God is not in control. —Amy Curran

As you pray, ask God for the courage to be vulnerable, and to see the vulnerable people around you.

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