Christian History in Turkey


When most Christians think of the Holy Land, they picture Israel. Israel is the land of the Bible. The place where Jesus was born. Where he lived, died, and rose again. But fewer people realize that modern-day Turkey is home to rich Christian history as well. In fact, so many ancient Christian sites are located in Turkey that it has been referred to as “The Other Holy Land.” Sadly, this rich Christian history is largely unknown or unappreciated by the …

Listener Communities


Building the Church is done by bringing believers together. Words of Hope does this with Listener Communities )

Building the Church in the Hard Places


Words of Hope works in the hard places because we want people everywhere to be able to hear the gospel in their own language. We know the difficulty of meeting this challenge. We know that many of our ministry fields have multiple reasons to be labeled a “hard place.” But we also know that the light shines brightest in the darkest corners.