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Prayer Guide

June 2022 Prayer Guide

INDONESIA — We give thanks for the start of a new listener community in Indonesia. The group name is “Galilea,” and there are about 20 members. Most of those who attend are high school students. Pray for the community

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Young Leadership in Uganda

Recently, one of our Ugandan language producers received a phone call from a listener who told him that, while she had been born into a Christian family, her father had left them at an early age. When her mother

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Caring for Afghan Refugees

In August of last year, the Albanian government agreed to take in thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, locating many of them indefinitely inside a compound near Words of Hope’s offices. The ministry team in Albania applied immediately with the

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Walk and Pray

I am not the first one to say it, but walking is good for your body and your mind. People throughout history have recognized that moving your body helps you to take in information, process emotions, and lower stress.

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The Truth I Hold

Several years ago, Words of Hope Albania began a new radio program project called, “The Truth I Hold.” The goal of the project was to record 365 testimonies from Albanian Christians, and then produce them as life stories for

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Persians Love to Sing

People have a lot of ideas about individuals from Iran. But after attending a recent Persian Training Conference, Adam Navis, Words of Hope’s Persian Ministry Coordinator, can say that one thing is true without a doubt: Persians love to

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Prayer Guide

May 2022 Prayer Guide

UGANDA — Give thanks that more programmers have joined the team that produces Runyankole programs in Uganda. The team gives thanks that the number of listeners tuning into the programs continues to grow, despite the lifting of COVID lockdowns

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Dr. Brownson

Remembering Dr. William Brownson

President Emeritus of Words of Hope, Dr. William Brownson, died to this life on April 1, 2022 at the age of 93. Dr. Brownson’s efforts for global evangelism and his heart of Christlike love continue to touch lives today. 

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Prayer Guide

April 2022 Prayer Guide

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s team in Albania has been focusing efforts on ministering to elderly and vision impaired individuals who struggle to read printed text. The pastor at one church congregation told us that several people have been

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