Mystery Rider on a White Horse

Read: Revelation 6:1-8

In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds. (Psalm 45:4 NIV)

What suspense. The Lamb opens a seal. A rider on a white horse is crowned, then rides forth majestically into the world. The crowds gasp! He’s the Warrior-King of Revelation 1-3 (It’s a flashback to Jesus’ coronation: Eph. 1:19-23; Dan. 7:13-14). But can the rider be Jesus if Jesus is opening the seals? Yes, because the scroll is autobiographical—it tells what has already happened, as well as what is to come. Revelation’s plot, context, symbols and symmetry all indicate he’s the same as the rider in Revelation 19, Jesus the veteran conqueror.

Jesus didn’t begin in Bethlehem. He’s the Warrior-King of Habakkuk 3:8-13: “When you rode on your horses . . . calling for many arrows . . . The mountains saw you and writhed . . . The sun and moon stood still in their place . . . You went out for the salvation of your people . . .” He’s the Warrior-King of Psalm 45:3-6: “Gird your sword on your thigh, O mighty one . . . In your majesty ride out victoriously for the cause of truth . . . Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the king’s enemies; the peoples fall under you. Your throne, O God, is forever and ever.” He has fought many battles so what’s new about his riding out again? Everything! Now he is one of us! He has won the decisive battle and leads us in a vast rescue mission. —Ruth Siemens

As you pray, ask God for help to faithfully follow wherever he leads.

About the Author

Ruth Siemens was a campus minister with IVCF/IFES, then started Global Opportunities to prepare professionals to work and witness in secular employment abroad.

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