Devotionals for Easter and Lent

Free resources to encourage your daily devotional time

Lent and Easter are seasons when Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s a time when individual and small group devotional time can be especially valuable, particularly in Bible reading and prayer. 

If you are looking for small group or individual devotionals for Easter and Lent, Words of Hope has many free resources to encourage your daily devotional time. 

These devotional resources focus on Jesus’s sacrifice for us, stopping to reflect on his life, death, and resurrection, but also on how we respond to Jesus. 

Each day includes encouragement to read the Gospels, and other passages from the New Testament, reflect on them, and pray. 

Looking to Jesus

Looking to Jesus is a 31-day devotional, focusing on Jesus’s journey to the cross. When we look to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, we are encouraged to follow his perfect example. There is no better way to prepare for Easter than by looking to Jesus.

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Jesus Wins!

Jesus Wins is an 8-day Holy Week devotional. Over eight days, you will be reminded of an iron-clad truth: Jesus wins! Whatever you are facing in your life, Jesus offers you victory in your struggles. This beautiful book takes you through Matthew 21-28, with additional readings and journaling prompts to encourage you to reflect throughout Lent. Also good for small groups.

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