Quiet the Call of the World

Read: James 4:1-8

Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. (v. 4)

What is your “get away from it all” place? Is it sitting in the quiet of the early morning, taking a walk on the beach or in the woods, or finding a few moments of quiet while driving? Not only is it good for our mental well-being to find some quiet time, but it can also be a method for reminding ourselves that walking with God is better than running with the world.

Although the believers to whom James was writing didn’t have cell phones ringing and the internet beckoning, there still were things of the world competing for their attention. We would be smart to take heed of the warning James gave them—that to be friends with the world is to be enemies of God. Those are some rather strong words James used; how could I be considered an enemy of God?

To be an enemy, one must be in direct opposition. But James’ point is not to say all of the world is God’s enemy but that our desire for the things of the world often gets in the way of our desire for God. And anything that obstructs our desire for God or causes our gaze to be taken from him is an enemy of God. Worldly desire leads us away from where God would have us be and soon we are asking God for all the wrong things. —Bill Rumbaugh

As you pray, ask God to quiet the call of the world, allowing you to draw closer to him.

About the Author

Bill Rumbaugh is a retired pastor living in Manchester, Maryland.

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