Wait with a Purpose

Read: Luke 1:46-55

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. (v. 46)

Every December when his children were little, pastor and writer Lou Lotz and his wife would make an Advent Activity Calendar and hang it on the fridge. Every day they’d lift up the paper flap and there would be a family activity for the day and an accompanying Scripture reading. The calendar provided a way to focus attention on the coming celebration of Jesus’ birth.

That’s the point of Advent calendars, and the season of Advent—to prepare for the coming (or advent) of Jesus. Just as all creation waited for Jesus’ birth, we now wait for Jesus to come again. In our passage today, Mary provides us with an example. As she waits for Jesus to be born, she worships God for being faithful, for taking care of his people again and again, and she joyfully welcomes her part in that work.

For kids, December can feel endless and a little empty—full of nothing but waiting. For adults, in contrast, December can feel overstuffed and sometimes a little empty of joy. In the devotions between now and Christmas, we invite you to wait joyfully. Each day we will offer a Bible reading and short activity—acts of service, fun, reflection, or prayer. With Mary, we hope you will lean on God’s faithfulness in your waiting and find ways to participate in God’s good work in the world. —Christy Prins

Today’s Activity: Make a list of the things you are looking forward to in this Advent season, and prioritize those that make your spirit rejoice in God like Mary did.

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Christy Prins is the managing editor of the Words of Hope Daily Devotional. When Christy isn't reading devotional submissions, she's busy working in the garden, reading, and playing with her kids.

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