God Our Healer

Read: Isaiah 40:26-31

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. (v. 29 NIV)

When many people think about human trafficking, they think about sex trafficking. These victims are forced into the commercial sex industry and held against their will by force, fraud, or threats.

Sex trafficking is a kind of sexual abuse. Unlike other trafficking victims, sex trafficking victims have a more difficult recovery because of this abuse. A person can be set free from slavery and leave the place where they were abused, but sexually abused victims can’t leave their own bodies. One’s body is a constant reminder of being violated, which can make healing much harder.

However, our God is a healer. As today’s key verse notes, he strengthens us when we are weary or weak. No matter what we have experienced, our God can set us free from our pain and burdens. God is powerful enough to call out the stars like an army, and he knows each one by name (v. 26). There is no avoiding the hard work of healing, but the effort is worth it. This may mean going to therapy, seeking help from a trusted friend, or creating a tangible reminder to show us where we have been and how far God has brought us. But there are no shortcuts to recovery. We must choose to do the work required to become the healthy people God has created us to be. —Kelly Brace

As you pray, remember those who are trapped in sex trafficking and thank God for his mighty strength and for being our healer.

About the Author

Kelly Brace is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, where she studied human trafficking. 


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