April Prayer Guide 2020

NEPAL — “Nepal is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 situation,” shares Words of Hope’s Nepali ministry leader. “I am staying home with family with a prayerful heart for the world. Please pray that God would intervene in this global phenomenon. Pray for Words of Hope’s global leaders!” Pray that radio outreach will be especially effective during this time when people must stay home. 

IRAN — “We will never walk alone,” says Words of Hope’s Persian ministry leader. “I share this because we may be worried about whether we can raise enough money, or we might have personal stress during these days. But God has provided for this organization for 75 years, and he will continue.” Pray for the people of Iran during this time, as the country has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus. 

ENGLISH — A devotional reader named Addisyn writes: “I am a teenager from Minnesota. I have been struggling to know if God is really there, because when I pray I feel that nothing happens. I know he is there, but in this time of trial for everyone, it is really testing my faith in him! Please just pray for the health of everyone, and that this virus will end, and we will all be back to normal life! Amen.” 

BHUTAN — From Words of Hope’s Bhutanese ministry leader: “Our third positive Covid-19 case is a Bhutanese student who had returned from abroad, and is currently under quarantine at a facility in Thimpu. We are going through this challenging time globally. All the schools are closed, and the India-Bhutan borders are sealed. People are going through lots of fear. Please pray for wisdom as we serve.”

SOUTH SUDAN — All Christians have been advised to stay home and pray with family on Sundays instead of venturing out to churches until the South Sudanese government advises that it is once again safe for people to meet together. All church schools and colleges in the region have been closed as well. People are encouraged to call each other on the phone. Pray that peace in the country would hold during this very hard time. 

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s Albanian ministry leader shares, “Let us stand together in prayer! May we grow in wisdom as we seek to serve others during these troubled times. We live in God’s grace day by day. Albania continues to be under strong lockdown. Individuals are not allowed to leave their houses after 6:00 PM, and if they do, a fine is applied. Cars may only be driven for two hours in the morning and one hour in the evening.”

INDIA — In India there is a complete lockdown for three weeks. Only grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies are open, and only for certain hours of the day. Everyone has been advised to stay inside their homes and work from there. All public transportation, including trains and flights, has been suspended. People are very anxious and worried. Pray especially for those living in poverty who face growing food insecurity during this time. 

NIGER — A Words of Hope Niger producer says, “Some in Niger think that the gospel is only for white people. That is why I am so excited to share the gospel in my own language. I want to share that the gospel is for everyone, no matter the color of your skin. People come and ask me about what they have heard, and God uses me to share the gospel. It is not easy, but God loves everyone.”

INDONESIA — The team in Indonesia is working to move content from radio and printed materials into more digital media formats. However, for some people in the country, especially for those living in remote areas, there is still a strong dependence on the older media forms. Social and technological disparity remains very high in the country. Pray for the team as they work to maintain a good balance for the people they serve. 

TURKEY — Our Turkish director says, “May God’s peace and strength be yours today! The fight against the coronavirus is intensifying in Turkey, and more people are dying. We anticipate that the country will be under lockdown soon. May the risen Lord intervene and stop the spread of this plague all over the world! Amen!” Pray that as more people stay home, they would hear of Jesus’ love for them broadcast on radio and TV. 

TIBET — Give thanks that Words of Hope’s Tibetan partners have been able to assist our Garhwali language producers by providing studio recording facilities for them to use. The Tibetan team is also working to prepare resources in additional languages that will reach people living in Northern India and in the Himalayan region. The Tibetan center is a place where seminars and meetings are held to help both believers and seekers. 

UGANDA — From Words of Hope’s Ugandan Director, “Lord, have mercy upon us all. We return to you in repentance. You are our God full of mercy, faithful, and also just. Hear the prayers of the faithful remnants on earth, and turn our hearts back to you for redemption, oh Lord. Open the doors in every country for the gospel of salvation to reach every person, so that the world will experience the saving power of Christ Jesus as the only Savior. Amen.”