Devotionals about Daniel

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Do Not Delay!

Read: Daniel 5:18-28 And you his son, Belshazzar, have not humbled your heart, though you knew all this. (v. 22) Some diseases can be treated and cured, and when they’re cured,

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Bible stories

Nebuchadnezzar’s Folly

Read: Daniel 3:1-30 Fall down and worship the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up. (v. 5) I owe a debt to Jeff Barker of Northwestern College, whose theater

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For the Sake of God’s Name

Read: Daniel 9:1-23 For we do not present our pleas before you because of our righteousness, but because of your great mercy. O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive. O Lord,


The Fiery Furnace

Read: Daniel 3 If you had to, would you have the courage to die for your faith? Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went into a fiery furnace rather than deny their Lord.


Daniel: The Predictions of a Prophet

Read: Daniel 2:44, 47, Deuteronomy 18:21-22, Matthew 11:28-29 In our study of the Book of Daniel, we will begin by observing the account it gives of the making of a prophet. The king