God Delights in Creation

Read: Genesis 1:14-31

And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. (v. 31)

My grandma made the best egg noodles. Once, when I made them on my own and they turned out like hers, I could feel the delight well up in me with every bite. Creation and delight go hand in hand. It’s been that way since the beginning.

In Genesis 1, we get a cosmic view of creation. The writer highlights the rhythm of creation by using the refrains “there was evening and there was morning,” and “God saw that it was good.” At the conclusion of each creative activity, God pauses and delights in what he has made. On the sixth day, after the creation of human beings, God surveyed everything, and “behold, it was very good.” Delight upon delight!

In a time when so many things feel wrong, we need to remember that God created a good world. God enjoys creation, and God delights in it—and in us. Of course there is still brokenness, sickness, conflict, and loss. We grieve, and we long for God’s perfect peace, for the wholeness of all things. In these difficult days, we need to find moments to step back and seek goodness, to remember that God delighted in creation. Perhaps these moments will help us find more delight in our own lives and see the spark of what’s still good in this world. —April Fiet

As you pray, reflect on what delights you in this world and give thanks to God.

About the Author

April Fiet co-pastors First Presbyterian Church in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and is a published author. She enjoys gardening, feeding her backyard chickens, and learning about new things.

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