The Mind of Christ

Read: Philippians 2:5-7

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus. (v. 5)

When the apostle writes these words about the Philippians’ “mind,” he is talking first of all about their mindset as a group—as a church, a community of faith. Additionally, he is focusing on the attitude they have as individuals toward each other within their community of faith; an attitude that impacts the way they treat each other. In other words, everyone is included in the group and no one in the group is left out. Left out of what? Simply this, the demand that in our relationship with each other in our church, we are to treat one another with the same kind of attitude that Jesus Christ modeled. Our life as a community of faith should be marked by those qualities that were seen in the life and character of Jesus Christ.

One of the first elements of Christ’s attitude is that he was preeminently unselfish (v. 6). Jesus Christ, who is by his very nature God, did not treat his equality with God the Father as an excuse for self-assertion or self-praise. He did not consider equality with God as an invitation to selfishness. Jesus did not view equality with the Father as something to be used to further his own cause. Jesus did not think of his divine nature as something to be used for his own advantage.

To freely give up one’s privileges and prerogatives is to have the mind of Christ. It ought to be the mindset we have in the church.

As you pray, ask God to lead you in his footsteps of unselfishness.

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David Walls is a pastor and writer who has served in ministry for more than 40 years.

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