A Solid Promise

Read: Hebrews 6:13-20

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul. (v. 19)

I grew up in a church that sang hymns—I mean, sang them with skill and passion. The congregation sang in harmony and the sanctuary resonated with strong voices. Every week we sang the “Doxology,” and I still find myself humming it as I work around my house. Perhaps this and their timeless words are why I so deeply love some of the oldest hymns. The hymn “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less” has a verse that I especially love. When life has seemed very dark, the line “in every high and stormy gale, / my anchor holds within the veil” has played on a loop in my mind.

Anchors are sturdy tools that hold us in place when a rough sea is pounding our ship. But another purpose of anchors is to keep ships moored in calm harbors so their crews can rest without worry of drifting away or bumping into another ship.

Throughout our lives, we will surely face many different seasons, some stormy or rocky, some calm and relaxing; others may feel like drudgery and still others like a steady flow of good work. In all of these seasons, Jesus is an anchor for our souls. While life ebbs and flows in different directions, Jesus keeps our souls steady. When our faith rests in Jesus, we can be assured that we’ll stay the course, no matter what comes our way.

As you pray, ask Jesus to help you cling to him, and when you feel like you can’t hold on, ask Jesus to hold on to you.

About the Author

Jennifer Petersen is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America.

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