Intimacy with God

Read: Genesis 3:1-12

But the Lord God called to the man . . . “Where are you?” (v. 9)

Many years ago, I was a fan of Guideposts, a magazine full of heartwarming, personal stories of relationships with God. One day I decided to try to write for this magazine, so I read back issues and the editor’s guidelines for stories. Finally, I had to face the truth. I didn’t have the personal connection with God that these stories described. My connection with God was purely intellectual.

I was not bothered by that truth until I understood the meaning of collaborating with the Spirit in the process of spiritual transformation—“being conformed into the image of Christ through a relationship of intimacy with God.” After decades of being a Christian, I learned that God is eager to journey through life with me. I understood that because I am created to have intimacy with God, I am also able to have feelings of rapport, affection, trust, and love with others.

Adam and Eve were well on the path of friendship and intimacy with God, “walking in the garden in the cool of the day” (v. 8). Then the trust was broken by a power grab. In contrast, Jesus taught his disciples about Abba—the intimate way of knowing God as our Father. Doctrine and theology are important guides, but they cannot replace a relationship with God in our lives. It’s time to again cultivate not only our knowledge of God but also our walk with God. —Karen Bables

As you pray, ask God to help you walk and talk with him, just as Jesus did.

About the Author

Karen Bables is the retired Spiritual Director of Christ Memorial Church in Holland, Michigan.

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