The Spirit-Filled Savior

Read: Isaiah 11:1-9

The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him. (v. 2)

For more than a decade, superhero movies have dominated the film industry. I understand the appeal. I am attracted to stories in which good triumphs over evil. And I find inspiration in characters who have the power to bring order and justice to the world.

In the book of Isaiah, the Lord God promises to send a hero. Like his forebear, King David, this hero will bring justice and equality to the defenseless people of his kingdom. Unlike David, this hero’s reign will extend far beyond Israel. He will fill the earth with the peace and knowledge of God “as the waters cover the sea” (v. 9). How? He will be filled with “the Spirit of the LORD”—the same Spirit who hovered over the waters at creation.

When I watch superhero movies, I sometimes wish I had the power to change the world. And I always wish someone greater than me would show up and make everything right, once and for all. The good news is that the promised hero, Jesus Christ, came filled with the Spirit to defeat the powers of sin and death and hell. He then gave us his very Spirit—“the Spirit of wisdom and understanding . . . counsel and might . . . knowledge and the fear of the LORD” (v. 2).

This means Christians already have more world-changing power than we know. Best of all we have the promise of our hero’s return to complete his good work of saving the world. —Ben Van Arragon

As you pray, thank God for sending us the Savior and the Spirit.

About the Author

Ben Van Arragon is a pastor, husband, and father of two teenage daughters. He has served the First Christian Reformed Church of Detroit since 2008. He writes and produces video teaching on the Bible and Reformed creeds and confessions. His writing for Words of Hope includes series on Jeremiah, Exodus, and Work and Rest.