When the Dams Burst

Read: Psalm 57

In the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by. (v. 1)

When David wrote these heartfelt words, he was in distress and despair. He was hiding in a cave, fearing for his life. Not long before, he had played music for the king of Israel, ate royal meals from the king’s table and dressed in the finest of clothes. But Saul’s temper had exploded and David lost everything. He fled for his life.

On a beautiful spring day in Mid-Michigan, so too did approximately 11,000 people. Recent heavy rains had swollen nearby creeks and rivers. In the middle of the night, a clanging text alert warned of possible dam failure. By midday, however, the skies were clear, birds were singing, and nothing dramatic had happened. Then suddenly, it did.

The Edenville Dam breached and then burst. As water surged downstream, the already swollen Sanford Lake was poorly equipped to absorb this extreme new volume and its dam, too, began to crack and overflow. Homeowners, vacationers, and boaters were all urged to immediately flee. Not unlike David’s story.

Good and evil will freely roam over our world. Destruction, even death, will visit. But when the storms of life descend, when the dams burst, may we all, like David, find protection in the parental shadow of his loving wings. —Tammy DeRuyter

As you pray, praise God for your safety, wherever that might be. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically, God is our refuge through the storms.

About the Author

Tammy DeRuyter is a former stockbroker turned student of theology and history. She holds master’s degrees in both from Fuller Theological Seminary and Central Michigan University. Married for more than 25 years to Michael, an ordained RCA pastor, they have three emerging, young adult children ages 20, 21, and 22—the youngest of whom was adopted at 11.