Burning Hearts

Read: Luke 24:13-34

Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures? (v. 32)

Have you ever longed for something, only to not recognize it when it was right in front of you? The apostles were in the throes of anxiety and despair. They had made a gamble on a rabbi from Nazareth with some revolutionary ideas, and it seemed that they had lost their bet. They had watched him get taken away in the garden, had heard him sentenced to death, and seen the whole land grow dark before he cried, “It is finished” (John 19:30). The women said that Jesus had “risen indeed” from the dead, but they didn’t dare to hope.

But then came the stranger who met them on the road. As he talked with them about the Scriptures, their hearts burned within them. Was this a flicker of recognition? A flash of hope? When they arrived near the village where they were going, they shared their meal with him. As he broke the bread, they finally recognized who he was—Jesus! Right there before them again in the breaking of the bread. There is something special about the fact that Jesus chose to disguise himself as a traveling stranger and then reveal himself in something as everyday as the dinner table.

Today, we discover with the apostles that the risen Christ is made known to us in things as tangible as those we meet and the breaking of bread. —Amy Curran

As you pray, ask that Jesus will be revealed to you as you go about your way this day.

About the Author

Amy Curran

Amy Curran is a gardener, a reader, a runner, and an avid coffee drinker. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, where she runs a community garden and a farm-to-table café for Reality Ministries.


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