March Prayer Guide 2021

IRAN — Pray for Christian converts in Iran who continue to experience persecution because of their faith. At least 15 Christians are currently being held in prison for charges related to their faith, and over 100 were arrested at some point during 2020. There are reports of Christians being flogged for taking communion, being denied education and employment, and even having custody rights revoked following adoption. Lord have mercy. 

UGANDA — Give thanks that in Uganda, listenership continues to grow! Despite many complications from the pandemic and political unrest in the country, programmers have faithfully recorded messages that are speaking hope during these difficult times. The Ugandan Ministry of Health has given permission for in-person gatherings to resume, and many listeners are showing up again to join in monthly prayer meetings. 

NIGER — Pray for the development and recording of a new set of radio programs on “The Lives of the Prophets.” Each Nigerien language producer will prepare programs related to this theme. The producers have sensed that the topic of the Christian prophets is especially interesting and relatable to their Muslim neighbors. Pray that more listeners will take an interest in these programs when they go on air. 

INDONESIA — Pray for the Indonesian ministry team as they work to increase local revenue that will allow their outreach to expand. They hope to grow their local language content and reach farther with it in the near future. While younger generations are turning toward the commonality of the Indonesian language, older generations still rely on small, local languages that have long been overlooked as outreach opportunities. 

TURKEY — Our Turkish director is focusing on a new series of programs reflecting on the attributes of God as our divine Father. Most Turkish people do not realize that it is possible to have a personal relationship with God, let alone that God could be called upon as a Father. Such intimacy would be considered blasphemous in Islam. Pray that the truth of God’s love for us would be made clear in these programs. 

ENGLISH —  We are thankful for this kind note from a Women’s Bible Study group who received copies of the WOH resource, Why Doesn’t God Act More Like God? “With so many changes and uncertainties during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was affirming and encouraging to us that you had this material available for us to use. We know that God is always there for his people, even when they have questions and doubts.”

NIGER — One of Words of Hope’s Zarma producer sends the following message: “My gratitude to the Words of Hope partners for their multiple support. Sharing the gospel through the media is a privilege. God has granted this privilege to me thanks to you. Thank you so much.” The producer requests special intercession on behalf of a listener who is close to accepting Christ but still expressing hesitations. “May the Holy Spirit work in his heart,” he says. 

BHUTAN — Pray for our Bhutan team as they continue to work on a series of programs about the 10 Commandments. They have chosen this particular topic because the Tsangla language they are broadcasting in has no translation of the Old Testament. “The 10 Commandments have discipleship elements and point toward the gospel, so they are very helpful for believers growing in the Lord,” shares the Bhutanese team leader.  

INDIA — Our director reported to us that in February, a mob forcefully barged into a church where 25 people had gathered for prayer on a Sunday. The mob threatened and physically assaulted the congregation, and falsely reported to authorities that they were “luring” people into Christianity. Please pray with us for continued safety for our Indian team members and that such extremist demonstrations against Christians would not continue in the country.

SOUTH SUDAN — We give thanks that as peace continues to improve in the country, our South Sudanese leaders have been able to increase the reach of their ministry in the region. Pray for travel across borders to open up again, so that Words of Hope teams from Uganda and South Sudan can once again work together on joint ministry opportunities so that even more people can hear the good news.

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s Albanian director writes: “Prisoners have been impacted the most during the pandemic. Because of COVID-19, all visits have been cancelled. They can’t see their relatives. Staff from prison ministries in Albania are keeping in touch with inmates through mail by handwriting letters. One of the things they include in the small envelopes they send is a copy of the Words of Hope daily devotional.”

NEPAL — Please pray for a group of Nepal ministry team members who are embarking on a month-long mission trip across the country. They plan to visit some key villages in the far west of Nepal, and do both evangelism and social work there. Pray that they would be well-received, and that they would be able to share the gospel in a winsome way with the people that they meet.