October Prayer Guide 2020

TURKEY — Give thanks for this positive update from our radio station partners in Turkey: “This month, we have seen a large increase in the number of people contacting our team. They come from posts on social media, which elicit comments and messages as a result. We have also received more phone calls. All our social media platforms are seeing increases, but for now Instagram has the largest growth.”

SOUTH SUDAN — Please pray for Words of Hope’s leader in South Sudan as he is currently recovering from malaria. The lack of health infrastructure and the remoteness of many populations makes the disease a complex one to deal with. Poor nutrition and a lack of access to basic health services only exacerbates the problem of malaria further. Pray for a quick recovery for our team leader and for better resources for everyone living in South Sudan. 

ENGLISH — From a devotional reader: “Thank you for the Words of Hope devotionals! When I am finished reading them, I hang onto them, and I re-read them. The world could be a better place if more people were connected to Christ. I’m a born again Christian. I speak to the Lord daily, and he speaks to me.” Give thanks for this reader’s dedication to daily Scripture reading. We know that God uses this spiritual practice to change lives!

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s leader in Albania writes the following update, “We have had multiple confirmations during the past quarter, which coincided with the lock-down due to COVID-19—of people who were scared and confused and yet found strength and daily encouragement through our programs. Today we have more faithful listeners because of timely support we were able to give in times of great need.”

INDIA — The team leader in India shares, “The present scenario of COVID-19 crisis has caused most of us to worry. India has now become the country with the second highest number of COVID-19 cases. People are torn apart between livelihood and this deadly disease. The Bible encourages us to keep our probing eyes open, our working hands sincere, and our discerning minds always seeking the righteous and sacrificial path.”

IRAN — Please remember the following requests from our Iranian team leader in your prayers: “Please pray for the situation of COVID-19 in Iran because the Iranian government tries to hide the reality of it and push people to go to work. Pray also for house church leaders and members, as persecution is increasing. Finally, pray for believers in the country to find jobs, as many are currently unemployed, suffering, and struggling to provide for their families.” 

NEPAL — Pray for the country of Nepal as residents continue to deal with heavy flooding. Our leader reports that over two feet of flood waters have been surrounding and damaging the church for the last week.While water is being pumped out with a motor, prayers are very much needed to bring relief in this situation. In other parts of the country, continuing heavy rains are triggering mudslides that are leading to injuries and death.  

NIGER — The team in Niger reports an increase in listener comments and feedback. It seems that people are more available to talk and that COVID-19 has increased the number of people calling in to the station. The team is also receiving more text messages, since people are not as busy at home or in their offices. “We give thanks to God for his protection and his direction over us and our families in the crisis of this pandemic due to COVID-19,” shares the team leader. 

UGANDA — The number of phone calls from listeners both during and after radio programs continues to increase, though large in-person gatherings for follow-up have had to be suspended due to the virus. Church services are being streamed live on Facebook in Luganda and English, and thousands are tuning in to participate. Followup conferences have been live-streamed as well. Give thanks for the media tools that keep us connected during this time. 

ENGLISH — Please pray for a devotional reader named Armando who is currently serving a prison sentence. He wrote to Words of Hope to request a copy of the book, Why Doesn’t God Act More Like God, by former president David Bast. He explained that he has no income, and that his family is caught in the web of poverty. We are grateful for the support of donors that allows us to send resources like this book for free to people who are unable to donate. 

INDONESIA — The team leader in Indonesia shares that local language programs are important and strategic. First, many elderly and less educated Indonesians cannot understand Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of the country, very well. In daily life, these individuals use their respective local languages to communicate. Words of Hope’s programming in smaller local languages makes it much easier for them to understand the gospel message. 

BHUTAN — Bhutan is a small country with many languages spoken. Increasingly, however Bhutanese young people are learning to understand and speak English well. For this reason, our team leader has started producing YouTube videos in the English language in addition to the native language of Tsangla. His views have increased with these changes, and young people report being able to understand the messages more easily.