September Prayer Guide 2020

IRAN — Give thanks that the book, Why Doesn’t God Act More Like God?, which was written by former Words of Hope president Rev. David Bast, is now being repurposed into content for Iranian speakers. Our team is receiving many responses from this series. Pray also for an ongoing project to create digital versions of Iranian hymns so that house churches inside the country of Iran can access the hymns on screens without needing hard copies.

TURKEY — A listener in Turkey named Mehmet and his wife Sakine say that they appreciate the encouragement and spiritual support they get during the week from the programs on the radio. Mehmet says that Jesus is, “the miracle-working God almighty,” and he gives Jesus all the praise. Give thanks that radio stations in Turkey purchased with funds from Words of Hope donors are impacting people like Mehmet and Sakine. 

ENGLISH — Please pray for a devotional reader named Renee. She wrote to Words of Hope to request prayers for herself and her family. She also asked people to join her in prayer for the United States as it grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. We pray for wisdom to be given to leaders in positions of authority who are responsible for making decisions that will impact many. We pray too that lives would be spared in the coming months.

NEPAL — The country of Nepal remains under lockdown due to COVID-19. We are thankful that despite restrictions, families are continuing to organize house fellowships. Trustworthy radio and other forms of media from reliable sources are increasingly important during this time of isolation. Some people living in great poverty in the region are being lured by misinformation to sell kidneys on the black market in order to make money right now. Pray that truth will prevail. 

INDONESIA — Give thanks for responses like this one from Indonesian listeners: “The Word of the Lord strengthened me to face life’s struggles. I have also been able to strengthen other family members. Please keep praying for us to be faithful in following God.” Pray too that our listeners and producers in the region would be guarded from contracting COVID-19, as that continues to be a concern for many. 

ALBANIA — Words of Hope’s Albanian Director shares the following update: “Albania has officially been on a complete lockdown since March 10. That’s when we started to plan how to work from home. Despite the lockdown and the limitations to see people in person, we were able to increase our listeners, social media, and smartphone users. The question we were asked the most frequently was ‘Is there anyone available to talk to?’”

NIGER — One of Words of Hope’s Nigerien producers sends the following update: “We bless God for this period spent under his gaze. The COVID-19 pandemic has burst into our daily lives and allows us to have other experiences with the Lord. There has been more emphasis placed on communication through various types of media, especially radio. Pray that the Lord will touch men and women in these circumstances to bring them to Christ.”

BHUTAN — Give thanks for the following update from our Bhutanese leader, “At least more than a dozen people told me that they were so encouraged by our ministry of the Word. Because of the lockdown, no gathering was permitted, so there were no church services, no Bible studies, etc. But they fed themselves on the Word of God by watching our programs on YouTube.”

TURKEY — Please join our Turkish Director in the following prayer: “Praise God for more listeners and interactions with people through these troublesome days with COVID-19. Interactions are much deeper these days. Praise God for the ability to keep going strong through radio and other media outlets. Pray as things in the country continue to get harder, seemingly more so against Christians.”

INDIA — Give thanks that gospel messages in the Mathili language are still being recorded, even as the producers find it more difficult to conduct in-person follow-up at this time. Online Bible study and church services are becoming more common in India, and are allowing connection to continue remotely. Our producers are finding other ways to serve their community as well, such as by providing free tuition for underprivileged children in the area.  

UGANDA — Our Ugandan Director reports that the online following for the ministry has grown tremendously during this time, with program reach exceeding what the team ever imagined. However, in-country costs have risen for things like transportation on account of the virus, meaning that the team must limit the number of producers who can travel to the studio to record programs. Pray for provision and planning. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Please pray for safety for our team in South Sudan amidst the pandemic. COVID-19 has impacted many of the top leaders in the country and has slowed down the peace process. There are fears of increased tensions among tribal groups. Pray for those living in South Sudan and for those sheltering in the refugee camps on the border with Uganda. Words of Hope is partnering with TransWorld Radio Kenya to determine the best approaches to reach those suffering trauma.