That All May Hear

Words of Hope broadcasts Good News to many parts of the globe. It’s also enabling many of the neediest people to hear by providing self-powered radios in areas which lack electricity. This presentation highlights recent progress of these efforts and documents the joy and hope of many. Download Video

Ministry in Niger


Words of Hope has been working in Niger since 2006. Broadcasts in French and Hausa reach a wide range of listeners. Research results show the broad popularity of these programs. Pastor Sani Nomaou reports, “We have received testimonies from missionaries and pastors who rejoice greatly for these programs.”

Radio Helps to Plant Churches

Gospel radio broadcasts reach multitudes around the world. Many listen in groups which often become the nucleus for a new congregation. Words of HOPE broadcasts have proven fruitful in this way. Download Video

Words of HOPE Wind-up Radio Project

Wind-up radios are very useful for many listeners who live without reliable electrical power and cannot always rely on readily available batteries. With the help of interested partners, Words of HOPE seeks to provide wind-up radios to needy listeners in places like rural Africa, etc.