Chatting with the Middle East


Words of Hope’s Arabic programs seek to form a relationship with listeners. In fact, The name of the program is “Dardasha” which means “chat.”  

Texting the Gospel

There is a lot of interest in Jesus throughout the Muslim world, because Jesus is mentioned in the Koran, but people may never ask their questions for fear of persecution. Words of Hope’s Arabic ministry uses text messaging to create a safe way for people, curious about Jesus, to begin a conversation that can lead them further into what the Bible says about Jesus.  

Radio in East Africa


Most people living in the West don’t understand how important Radio is in People’s lives all around the world, especially in East Africa.  

April 2010 Report from Niger


Vice President for International Ministry Lee DeYoung spent a few weeks in Niger and despite the 115 degree temperatures, the lack of AC & dependable electricity, he managed to put this video together for the Regional Synod of Canada meeting in Woodstock, Ontario. We are thankful that he was able to get a good enough connection to the internet to send the video to us so that we can share it with you.

The Right People in the Right Place – Uganda


Words of Hope seeks to find and partner with people all around the world, but successful ministry requires having the right people in the right place. This is perfectly exemplified in our East Africa ministry field

Holistic Radio Ministry

Words of Hope broadcasts in many languages around the world. One of our key ministry fields is East Africa. We offer a variety of programming to people in their “heart language” including programs about health, water, education, culture, and how the Gospel intersects with these areas of life.