Ordinary Summer

Amy Clemens

Read: Isaiah 50:4-10

Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God. (v. 10)

Ordinary summer has gotten increasingly challenging as my children age. I’ve had to stretch in my ability to trust God to care for them when I can’t. As older teens, they got in cars with people I didn’t know. They went to the beach without me there to preach safety, sunscreen, and stranger danger. They attended parties without adults present to supervise. They came home crying about drama that I felt powerless over. And then, like an insult to parenting sanity, they went to college!

I thought things would get easier when they reached their 20s, but the truth is, the stakes seem higher, the decisions more profound—and I “walk in the darkness” about much. I love my girls, and I know they have good heads on their shoulders, but trusting God with my children is different than just putting my own life in his hands. Certainly, this has painfully demonstrated how little I trust my Father with his other children.

Isaiah talked about trusting God even in the dark, and Jesus illustrated it by trusting until he sweated blood—an unmistakable sign of the battle raging in his heart. Jesus leaned because he knew Abba inside out. Over and over, he committed his life to listen and follow, even in the dark. How I long to do the same. —Amy Clemens

As you pray, bring to Abba the ways you trust him less, the places you “walk in the darkness” and feel afraid.