A Jealous God

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Exodus 34:1-14


Perhaps you have thought of jealousy as something bad. It can be, in the immature, insecure, and those lacking in love. It can also be an expression of true concern and commitment. Here is an emotion which indicates a sacred relationship, a bond to be protected. A lover incapable of jealousy may have no genuine love at all.

James tells us that the Spirit of God longs with jealous intensity to possess our spirits. This is a theme found through out the Old Testament: “I, the Lord, am a jealous God.” God calls Himself the husband of Israel, and in love demands that she forsake all other gods or idols. His commitment to His people, demonstrated by the death of His Son at the cross, causes Him to feel a righteous, jealous wrath toward those who take His love lightly. The Lord’s anguish and His outrage at Israel’s infidelity is a measure of His love and righteousness. Thus, He says He will fight against third parties, or other interests which will destroy His plans for good and the joy He gives in fellowship with His bride, the church.

Where the bride has been unfaithful and gotten into trouble, betrayed by false promises, the husband, the Lord, will spare no efforts to win her back, heal her diseases, and restore her fortunes. This is the prophet’s message.


Great Lover of Your faithless people, receive us again into the joy of Your relationship. Amen.