A Joyous Nation

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Psalm 144:1-8, 15


The psalmist declares, “Happy the people whose God is the Lord.” As we pray about voting for the best candidate (today is Election Day in the United States), we can be thankful that we have freedom to vote, and to worship the Lord without having to be secretive out of fear. In many countries people face punishment or death if they worship according to their consciences. Surprisingly, Christians who suffer for their faith are all the more resilient and vital.

We can be thankful for the many professing Christians in our nation’s capital. There are more prayer meetings in this city than in any other. Senators, Congressmen, and people in the State Department all meet weekly for prayer for their own needs as well as for the needs of the nation. Among the military, there are 34 prayer meetings in the Pentagon. Indeed, there are a number of Christians in the White House who meet regularly for prayer. I participate in prayer meetings each week for the nation and world.

The Bible commands us to pray for those in authority, whether or not we agree with their political position. We are also commanded to pray for world leaders. Think of the great power we possess, in fellowship with the King of Kings, to bring blessing and joy to our nation and the world.


Sovereign Ruler, give us wisdom as we vote today for the most qualified candidates. In Jesus’ name. Amen.