The Path of Ruin

Eildert Zwart

READ : Exodus 31:18, Exodus 32:1-4


How could the Israelites do what they did? They had seen the ten plagues God brought on Egypt and had walked through the Red Sea on dry ground. God had performed amazing miracles, and they had been a part of them! That’s what makes their request for “gods to lead them” so unbelievable. Tragically, this still happens today.

The Israelites thought they had a good reason for making their request. Moses had been up on the mountain for almost six weeks, and they needed someone to lead them. They were just taking steps to solve a problem. But look at their request again. What was the rush? Oh, Moses had been gone for a while, but they weren’t in danger, or suffering, or starving. So, their request was foolish and wrong, and Aaron should have told them so.

Unfortunately, people still justify what they want to do with logical sounding reasons. Some unmarried couples insist that their pre-marital sexual activity is acceptable because they “love each other.” People who suffer injustice feel this gives them the right to commit crimes or become violent or destructive with others. So, for revival to begin in our lives, we must also look at the reasons . . . or excuses . . . we often give for saying or doing those things which God’s Word says are wrong.


Lord, help us see where we use excuses for sinning, and lead us in paths of righteousness, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.