What are You Wearing?

Eildert Zwart

READ : Genesis 35:2-13


As Jacob prepared for the journey to Bethel, he realized that he had to do more than just get rid of the foreign gods in his household. He needed to make a clean break with his past. He and his family had to make it clear to themselves, and to God, that they wanted to live in a new way and be different people. This is why Jacob told his family to change their clothes.

This might sound unimportant because clean clothes don’t take away our sin or make us holy in God’s eyes. But, changing clothes was symbolic of Jacob’s repentance and desire to live a different life. When I want to clean the garage or wash the car, I wear old clothes. With those clothes on, I don’t care if they get sweaty or dirty. But, when I shower and put on new clothes, I behave differently because I don’t want to do the things I did in my old clothes. So, Jacob was announcing to his family that they were going to change the way they had been living and worshiping.

Dear friends, what kind of clothes are you wearing? Are you wearing the kind of clothes that make it easy for you to go out and get “dirty”? Or, have you put on “new clothes” that you want to keep “clean” and “pure” for Christ’s coming?


Lord Jesus, wash us clean, and help us live lives that are clean and holy. Amen.