A Choice and a Change

Eildert Zwart

READ : Genesis 35:1-15


Once again, we see that revival is like a two-sided coin. God took the initiative. There would have been no revival if God had not spoken to Jacob. But, Jacob also needed to respond to God’s Word. Jacob needed to make a choice, and that choice demanded that some changes be made in his life, and also in the life of his family. Jacob had to choose whether he was going to worship the one true God, or if he would continue to allow idols to be worshiped in his household.

For many of us, idol worship is something strange and foreign. We wonder why anyone would bow before a man-made statue. But, just because “idol worship” doesn’t make any sense to us, doesn’t mean that we no longer do it. No, modern man has invented new forms of idolatry and new ways to worship the idols of our age.

Anything which competes with God for our time, energy, and attention might be called an “idol.” Our “idols” may even be things we cannot see, but they are just as real. Maybe the way to discover if you have idols is to look at those things in your life which compete with God for your time and attention. Then, if we find any “idols,” let’s do what Jacob did. Let’s get rid of them!


Holy God of Israel, show us if there are any idols in our lives, and help us to get rid of them right now. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.