A Prelude to Revival

Eildert Zwart

READ : Genesis 28:10-22


After stealing the birthright and blessing from his brother, Jacob ran away from home to escape Esau’s anger. One night on that journey, Jacob had a dream that deeply affected him, for he knew he had been in the presence of the living God. To mark that holy place, he set up a stone and made a solemn vow to worship and serve this God who had come to him in his dream.

As we read on in Genesis, we discover that God fulfilled all His promises to Jacob. He kept Jacob safe; and He blessed him with a large family, many servants, and an abundance of possessions. But, as the years passed, Jacob forgot those important promises he had made to God at that holy place in his life.

Unfortunately, such forgetfulness is often repeated in our lives as well. Maybe you once appeared before the church to confess your faith in Christ. In those joyous moments you promised: to worship God regularly, to support the work of Christ’s kingdom, and to work for the good of Christ’s church as long as you live. Where are you now? Have you continued to meet with God in that holy place where you once experienced His presence? Or, is it time for you to go back to meet with God and renew your promises to Him?


Father, thank You for promising to be my God. Help me to live as Your faithful servant. In Jesus’ name. Amen.