Well-Prepared Christians (1)

LeRoy Koopman

READ : Ephesians 6:13-14


When I was a child, my Sunday school lessons sometimes included pictures of a fully-armed Roman soldier, with various parts of his equipment labeled according to Ephesians 6. To this day I remember the hardware, but—unfortunately—not the spiritual defenses they represented. So today and tomorrow we’re going to think in spiritual terms rather than in military ones.

To be strong as Christians we need to know the truth (v. 14a). There are many areas of truth, of course, truth about the universe, about people, about God. Paul isn’t specific here, but I suspect he’s talking about the truth that really matters – truth that affects quality of life, truth that is the basis for action and decision-making. If we and our children are grounded in truth, we are less likely to be deceived by the cults, television, and Christian alarmism.

To be strong we also need to be righteous (v. 14b). That’s a high-sounding theological term, but I suspect that it really means personal integrity. Almost every- thing we do, almost every decision we make, almost everything we say, is shaped by our character. What we are determines what we do. Righteousness is being right in our intentions, in our motives, in our objectives. Righteousness means being right in our relation- ships with God and with others.


Father, today we pray for strength – strength to know the truth and strength to live the truth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.