Obedient Children and Pleasant Dads

LeRoy Koopman

READ : Ephesians 6:1-4


Children, why should you obey your parents? Because they are usually right? Because they will punish you if you don’t or reward you if you do?

All of the above are probably true, but Paul gives one simple (some would say “simplistic”) reason: “for this is right” (v. 1). Some things are right because they are right. And they are right because God says they are right. No amount of educational, psychological, or sociological theorizing can change that fact.

There are rewards, of course, for being obedient to parents-one of them being that you will probably live longer (v. 2). It’s not that wonderful children never die young (tragically, they sometimes do) or that God strikes those who bad-mouth their parents. But it is true that respectful children are less likely to become victims of their own degenerate lifestyle.

Now, turning to parents. Have you wondered why Paul specifically mentions fathers as the ones who Perhaps fathers are more likely than mothers to aggravate their children. Perhaps Paul expects fathers to be especially responsible for discipline and instruction (v. 4). Perhaps He is insistent that fathers be good role models. One thing is clear. Paul expects Dad to be around.


Father, help us, as children, to be obedient, and help us, as parents, to be fair, firm, and kind. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.