Praise God for Humor

Karen Hoffman

READ : Numbers 22:21-35


In my Cruden’s Concordance (a very helpful reference) there are 37 entries for some form of the word laugh, 58 entries for joy or joyous, and 24 entries for happy or happiness. Christians should be the most joyous people on earth, and I believe that laughter and humor are gifts from God. I know that the Scripture we read today is a serious story of disobedience and the sovereignty of God over men and governments. But the humor of a talking donkey can’t be ignored. Don Francisco put this story into song and it always lifts my spirit.

Humor can be seen in some of Jesus’ parables and even His miracles. Don’t you think the disciples chuckled in amazement when Jesus sent them fishing and the first fish they caught contained in its mouth the coin necessary to pay the temple tax? (Matt. 17:27). Along with the awe and a lesson in faith that Peter learned while walking on the water, can’t you imagine a little laughter later as it was recalled? Don’t you think there was laughter in the house of Moses after he was rescued from the Nile, and then given back to his mother? (Exodus 2). We are told both Abraham and Sarah laughed when they were told to expect the birth of a son. The name they gave him means laughter (Gen. 17:17 and 18:12). And don’t forget about Jonah and the big fish.


Thank You, Lord, for laughter. Keep our humor pure, and may our jokes never be cruel. In Jesus’ name. Amen.