Misused Gifts

Karen Hoffman

READ : Genesis 4:19-26


There’s a joke about a man who bought his mother an expensive talking parrot for her birthday. When he asked her later if she was enjoying her gift, she replied, “Oh, the bird tasted delicious.” How often God must feel the disappointment of that son when He sees the gifts He gives us dreadfully misused. In the verses for today, we see many misuses of God’s gifts. God created man and woman as complements to each other, for fellowship and joy. Yet Lamech, only seven generations from Adam, perverts marriage by practicing bigamy.

Lamech had three sons. Jabal raised livestock. Think of the Arab countries and the territorial battles that have occurred there, and the range wars of the old West in the United States. Men have often fought over grazing rights, water rights, etc. Look at Jubal, the musician, and think how the same instruments can be used in praise to God or in carnal music which dishonors God. Look at Tubal-Cain, making tools of bronze. We realize that bronze tools can either be used for good or evil. Each time man makes a discovery, whether it is that metal makes better tools or weapons than rocks or that nuclear power is more destructive than gunpowder, we can be sure someone will use the discovery for good and someone will use it for evil.


Father, help us use Your good gifts for good purposes. In Jesus’ name. Amen.