God Speaks Softly

Karen Hoffman

READ : 1 Kings 19:7-18


How do you see God? In the verses we just read, God reveals Himself to Elijah by speaking in a “still small voice.” In the previous chapter is the story of the confrontation on Carmel-Baal’s 450 prophets versus Elijah, the prophet of the one true God. God revealed His power through fire that consumed the sacrifice. But 40 days later, when God appears to Elijah, He was not in the wind or earthquake or fire. Today there is increasing interest in the mystical Eastern religions which teach that “god” is in everything and we can be “gods.” This is untrue. Although God has power over the fire, wind and earthquakes, He is a personal God who speaks, not just a force. We learn most about God through the Bible. It tells us that the “Word became Flesh.” By reading about Jesus, we learn who God is.

To go back to the story, God reveals Himself in the way most needed, in fire, because those people needed to see His all-consuming power. He revealed Himself to Elijah later as a still small voice, because that was what Elijah needed. God does not change, but His wisdom is so great that He reveals Himself in different ways. I’ve seen God in a powerful storm just as He appeared on Mount Sinai. I’ve seen Him in the crashing ocean as the one who controls the waves, and I’ve seen Him in His Holy Word as Jesus.


Help us, Lord, to see You, in all Your ways. Amen.