Kingdom Co-Workers

Beverly Tuitman

READ : Ephesians 4:1-14


It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny October day as the participants began arriving for the annual Elim Invitational Track Meet. Six or seven other schools for people with handicaps had been invited, and excitement filled the air as the runners climbed off the busses.

Those of us, students and staff, who were not running that day had a job to do also. We were positioned along the course to help show the runners the way, to turn them around if they started going in the wrong direction, and to cheer them on and encourage them when they were tempted to give up.

As I stood there, I couldn’t help but think that as Christians we have the same task. We need to show others the way, to turn people around if we see them headed in the wrong direction, and bring cheer and encouragement to those who are downhearted, oppressed, and ready to give up on life.

It’s an important job and all of us, young and old, can participate. The only qualification is to know the Way yourself. How can we equip ourselves for this challenge? Through Bible study, worship, and an active prayer life, we can be empowered to accept this responsibility for service in God’s Kingdom. What are you doing to prepare yourself for this challenge?


Lord, keep me in Your Word, keep me in Your house, keep me on my knees so that I may be of service to You. In the name of Your Son. Amen.