Loving Arms

Beverly Tuitman

READ : Isaiah 26:1-9


I hadn’t been to the cabin for some time, and as the door swung open, the dampness of the dark hallway sent a shiver down my spine. I turned up the thermostat, opened the shades, and started a fire in the fireplace.

Unpacking and putting a few groceries into the cabinets took only a couple of minutes. Still shivering, I opened the closet, took out a big comforter, wrapped it around me and curled up in front of the crackling fire. What a beautiful, warm moment!

Every day we as Christians walk out into a cold, dangerous world. It sends a shiver down our spines. We take advantage of some of the “good things” this world has to offer which helps a little, but not much.

What we really need is the Comforter; namely, Jesus Christ. The minute we open our hearts and let Him in, He replaces the cold, empty feelings with the warmth of His love. Loneliness, fear, guilt, discouragement, and emptiness are all feelings the Comforter can help us overcome.

The thermostat and the fireplace were helpful in warming up the cabin, but the comforter was needed to complete the job. The only way to have a meaningful and satisfying life is to invite the Lord Jesus into your heart.


Lord Jesus, I invite You into my heart and claim Your promise that You will keep me in perfect peace if my mind is stayed on You. Amen.