Wind Beneath My Wings

Beverly Tuitman

READ : Joshua 1:1-9


When I was little, I longed to become a teenager. The time arrived, but then I wished to be an independent young adult. Next I longed for marriage, my own home, and motherhood. As each stage of life was accomplished, I found another stage looked better. What I really wanted was perfection, and I thought it could be attained by entering another phase of life. Looking around now, I realize it isn’t easy to be a child, teenager, young adult, or a senior citizen.

Life has its problems. The road we walk is bumpy, full of potholes, detours, and road repairs. It slows us down. Although the road is uncertain, we are not alone as we travel. God’s presence is like the wind- ever with us, obvious at times and a whisper at others.

When we’re skipping through the day, He’s a gentle breeze ruffling our hair to let us know He’s there. When we become discouraged, He’s the wind at our back encouraging us to keep going. When we become too weary to take another step, He’s the wind beneath our wings carrying us until we’re ready to be set on our feet again . . . gently. From the cradle to the grave, He has promised never to leave us or forsake us as we travel the stages of life.

Where are you on life’s road today? Take comfort in the fact that you have a loving, faithful traveling companion every step of the way.


Father, thank You for being the wind beneath my wings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.