Live to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth . . .

Wilbur Washington

READ : Isaiah 6:1-8


Having come to know Christ as Savior and Lord, having tasted the goodness of the gospel, having become immeasurably rich, the child of God has something worth sharing. Sometimes, however, one wants to keep it all for oneself. Then the call comes: “Who’ll be a witness for my Lord?”

The call has a strange folk accent. It comes through a people who for all intentions and purposes were no people. It comes with a sometimes humorous, always meaningful “spin”:

“Who’ll be a witness?”

“Old Methuselah was a witness.”

“Hair shorn Sampson was a witness.”

“Daniel was a witness.”

Biblical characters from Adam to the returning triumphant Lord Jesus could fit in as “a witness,“one who shares the good news. The question remains, “Who will be a witness for my Lord?”

Christ awaits a response from you. You know the Name that has the power to make you a new creature. Hopefully, you will be a willing witness. Be a joyful, sharing child of God who wants others to know, no matter what the cost to you. Sing the line of the spiritual and mean it: “My soul [life] is a witness for my Lord.”


God of grace, make me a positive witness. Help me share the good news with men, women and children. Amen.