Time, Eternity and the Crucifixion

Wilbur Washington

READ : Psalm 22:1-11


Most of us have sung the song, or at least heard it: “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”

At first, it seems like an absurd question. How could we have been there? That was more than nineteen hundred and fifty years ago. But wait, perhaps we are looking at the wrong calendar. If the psalmist, centuries before the event, could provide Jesus with lines to speak, we who live later can be involved as well. Were you there? Yes!

Were you there when they crucified, nailed, pierced, my Lord? Yes, my sin, my separation, my pain, put me there. Yes, I confess I am there.

Were you there when the sun refused to shine? Yes, I was there when He hung His head and died. Something died within me too.

Were you there when they laid Him in the tomb? No doubt about it. I was glad He was dead. He commanded too much from me, yet deep inconsolable grief wrenched my entire being.

Were you there when He rose up from the grave? Oh, yes, glory hallelujah – I rose with Him. Because He lives, I also live.

And so the spiritual recalls for us the greatest three-day event in the history of the world. Yes, we were and are there.


Thank You, Jesus, for loving and lifting us to the abundant life. Amen.