Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Wilbur Washington

READ : Psalm 143:1-12


Today we celebrate the life of one of America’s great persons – Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln served during the most turbulent period of our history. This great nation was locked in mortal battle, brother fighting brother over the idea of whether the Union was to be maintained.

During the war, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. It freed all the slaves in sections of the nation under the control of those who favored slavery. This stroke of the pen gave him the title of The Great Emancipator. As emancipator, he was the instrument of God’s purpose in freeing the slaves. As Pharaoh had been convinced by God to set His people Israel free, so the land that held God’s children from Africa in slavery for two hundred and forty-four years was brought to the point where it too had to set His people free.

We often give the instrument credit for what the Master does, but hear the words of the unknown poet:

Nobody but you, Lord, nobody but you
When I was in trouble (when we were in bondage)
Who brought me through
Nobody but you, Lord, nobody but you.


Thank You, God, for the instruments that You have employed to deliver Your good gifts. Amen.