Keep Me F’om Sinking Down

Wilbur Washington

READ : Psalm 30:1-12


We know that we are a faith community standing on God’s promises. While we know that is true, we frequently feel insecure. When our insecurities seem to be all there is to life, we must learn the prayer of my foreparents: “Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh, my good Lord, keep me from sinking down.”

The amazing story of Peter walking on the water to join Jesus is our own. Jesus grants Peter’s request to join Him by walking on the water. Encouraged by the invitation, Peter leaves the security of his boat and walks on the cresting billows. For a moment he takes his eyes off Jesus and sees water under his feet. He realizes that water is not made for walking. He begins to sink. Faith often fades when faced with cold facts. “Oh, my good Lord, keep me f’om sinking down.” With outstretched hand, Jesus reaches out to Peter. He admonishes Peter for his lapse in faith, but nevertheless, supports him above the overwhelming tide.

Many of us, with a clear desire to rise above the sea of our sinfulness, cannot complete what we in good faith begin. We fix our eyes on the problem and forget the problem-solver. When all seems lost, we finally cry out, “Keep me from sinking, Lord.” We see Christ’s extended hand. He is our very present help in time of trouble.


Lord, when our faith grows weak, place us on firm footing that we may not grow weary in well doing. Amen.