Pray Always

Wilbur Washington

READ : Luke 18:1-8


In the cotton patches, the tobacco fields, the mills, on the scaffolds, clearing land, cleaning house, cooking, attending mistresses’ babies, the slave’s lot was hard. It was like making bricks without straw. The slaves were often deprived of even the privilege of communicating with fellow slaves lest it would decrease their efficiency at work.

Some of the slaves, with nobody to talk to (nobody but Jesus, that is) turned to talking to Him. Some learned how to pray without ceasing. When the forced silence made them feel like beasts of burden owned by their masters, a stirring in their souls would call them to prayer. The person who had come to know Jesus would rise up singing, often at the very moment when circumstances were most difficult to endure.

“Every time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart, I will pray.” With hands engaged in work for the slave master, his heart was being put in tune with the Master.

Prayer changes things. On numerous occasions, thoroughly brutalized individuals have had their personhood restored because, moved by the Spirit, they prayed. God lifted up many who were knocked down. They knew the mighty power of Satan and as they prayed, they learned the almighty love-the ultimate power of God.


Thank You, Lord, for the gift of Your Holy Spirit which sustains us during difficult times. Amen.