Steal Away to Jesus

Wilbur Washington

READ : Acts 16:6-15


Spirituals are manuscripts of an illiterate people’s journey with God. They were their “God talk,” telling the story of their faith. Following the example of their Savior who took time out to pray, they learned the value of stealing away to Him. After a hard day’s work that imprinted upon them that they were “no people,” some of them would hear voices that urged them to steal away to Jesus. With Him “nobodies” become “somebodies.” The slave’s soul, freed from its spiritual bondage to sin, often became a source of strength to find freedom for his physical being as well.

Haven’t you needed the release of your soul from some sin that made you less than God created you to be? Haven’t you, when your inner being has been liberated, wanted to free your body from the slavery that makes a mockery of your new “inner being”? I have!

Some of you are facing major crossroads in life. You may have either consulted or considered consulting a physician, attorney, banker or friend. You have dreamed, schemed and screamed. In many cases your first great hope, Jesus, has been ignored. It may be that He is now your last resort. Listen to this simple bit of advice – have a little talk with Jesus. He will set you free.


Savior, help us to seek and accept the freedom that You provide when we stand apart from the world with You. Amen.