You Choose!

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 7:13-20


I met Eddie on death row. He told me that as a child, he had always carried a toy gun in his pocket. “I ran with guys older’n‘me and it made me feel big. When I got a little older, I got a real gun and carried it. No bullets, just the gun. I went to school, but chose to find some ammo and shoot at tin cans in my spare time, rather than study. In my teens, I carried a loaded gun. One night some of us guys were fooling around. The cops thought we were up to something and chased us. I panicked, ran into a dead end alley, turned and fired. I killed a cop and here I am.”

Tommy lived in our town in New Jersey. He told us, “As a kid, I always carried a baseball in my pocket. I’d practice pitching whenever I could. When I got a little older, I’d get into the games at school, always aiming at being the best pitcher I could be.” Choosing to carry that baseball around paid off for Tommy John, who became a major league pitcher. Tommy also said the best choice of all was when he made Jesus Lord of his life.

Life is a journey. Which road will you choose to travel? Today’s the day to decide, for that decision will affect the rest of your life. Choose well!


Father, forgive me if I’ve traveled byways that led away from Jesus. Light my way back. Amen.