Malicious Mischief

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 27:3-5, Luke 22:3-6, 47-48


There is quite a difference between Peter’s sin, which was unintentional, and Judas’s sin, which was maliciously planned. We don’t know Judas’s motive in betraying Jesus, but in current language, it would be called “first-degree, premeditated murder.”

Judas was one of the twelve, an important person in Jesus’ ministry, yet he chose to plan a terrible betrayal. He was sorry later, but there is a difference between his sorrow and that of Peter. Peter repented, believed in Jesus and was pardoned. Judas felt remorse, despaired and killed himself. The difference is in believing. Peter never stopped believing. Judas lost faith and the devil was waiting to capture him.

When we sin, God is willing to forgive, if we repent and believe. Repentance is not crying “crocodile tears” and saying, “I’m sorry.” It is believing that Christ died for our sins and is willing to forgive. It is in making retribution, if that is possible, and turning from our sinful life to walk with the Lord. By our actions, we’ll show our changed life. That’s repentance.


Heavenly Father, forgive me for the times I have failed You. I believe, Lord; help my unbelief. I ask these things in the name of my Savior. Amen.