Walk Your Talk

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75


I first heard the phrase “walk your talk” in prison when some of the inmates were talking about Lou, a leader in the church behind the walls. He seemed faithful to God until he was released. Then he went back to the people he had always run with, instead of seeking Christian fellowship. He couldn’t “walk his talk,” and it wasn’t long until he was back in prison.

Lou didn’t mean to backslide. In fact, he had said to his Christian friends, “I’ll never be back here again, for I’m following Christ.” When we become over-confident about our Christian walk, we are vulnerable.

Sometimes as teenagers, we resent our parents’ concern about who our friends are. But in the wrong company, we can easily slip into their ways. Peter was in the courtyard with the high priest’s servants, instead of staying with those who followed Jesus. He became frightened and lied about his friendship with Jesus. He broke down when he heard the cock crow, knowing Jesus’ prediction had come true.

We must be careful what we promise our parents, our friends, our children, and most of all, our Lord. Matthew Henry wrote: “Once our feet slip, it’s hard to recover our standing position.”


Father, I don’t intend to make promises to You that I can’t keep. Help me to “walk my talk.” Amen.