Rahab to the Rescue

Jane Douglass White

READ : Joshua 2:1-20


The spies probably went to Rahab’s house because it was a gathering place for men and they hoped to pick up information. Rahab was a sinful woman, yet she was the instrument God used to rescue the spies from capture by the king of Jericho. Why was she chosen? Because she heard of the powerful God of the Israelites and believed in Him. Believing in God’s power, she helped the spies.

I met a woman prisoner in Nevada who had committed murder. It was a senseless crime done for money. Kay was so entrenched in a life of drugs, alcohol and prostitution that she could no longer tell right from wrong. But Kay is proving by her life in prison that she has repented and is “a new creature in Christ.” She’ll spend much of the rest of her life in prison, but God has forgiven her. She is serving God well in that prison, living in such a way that she is reaching other lives for Christ. God is using Kay’s life for good, just as He did with Rahab.

We must realize we are all sinners, but when we come to God, sorry for our sins, and ask for mercy, He will be merciful. He won’t remove the earthly consequences of our sin, but He will forgive us.


Search me, O Lord, and see if there be any hurtful way in me. Thanks for loving me anyway. Amen.